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Are you looking for plastic blow molding machines ? If so, you came to the right place.

Our Mission

To design and build high quality plastic blow molding machines combined with low cost and good service.

Why choose Sheen

  1. Design
  2. Safety and reliability features
  3. Components
  4. Service


Using 25 years in the blow molding business, Sheen designed this machine to overcome the shortages in other designs and to perfectly suit the user. Designed to last longer, our extrusion blow molding machines offer high efficiency, reliability and productivity as well as process capability.



The clamping unit is specially designed so   as to facilitate flash
material elimination and better product quality. The arm system clamping
 unit is connected to a vertically moving slide so as to ensure equal
distribution of force over the mold pallet as well assuring complete
transmission of clamping cylinder force to the mold surface.
 All bushings are made from especially cast material connected with
lubricators. All movement parts are made of hard chrome. Clamping
stroke is positioned by electrically operated transducer so as to give
accurate mold positioning and to activate braking just before the mold
closes to give smooth mold closing.









Our extrusion unit is driven by a Siemens AC motor controlled by a Siemens inverter connected to the machine main system giving the machine a great rotational speed range. It is more efficient since there is no loss in a hydraulic pump or a hydraulic motor, thus saving energy, especially with the new energy saving motors (EFF2). More over there is the high precision sound proof Zambello Gearbox that assures smooth machine running.






Special attention was paid to the screw profile so as to give maximum extrusion output with best performance. All extruder component materials are of high quality life guaranteed steel.

Hydraulic Unit

 Variable piston pump with pressure compensator
commanded by an AC motor guaranties best electrical
consumption and noise reduction.

Accumulator connected to system to compensate circuit pressure.

 Heat exchanger connected to the system giving best
operating temperatures.

Oil level and maximum pressure are constantly monitored.

The system is connected to very precise filters as to
protect hydraulic components


The Pneumatic circuit was carefully designed using the best pneumatic
antirust components.

Blow pin is designed to give smooth air flow thus giving best product surface.


Safety and reliability features

All critical machine variables are monitored all the time as to ensure reliable
operation and long components life.

Oil level and temperature are monitored to safe guard the pump.

Hydraulic circuit pressures are monitored for efficient and reliable operation

Air pressure is monitored to ensure that the machine doesn't produce faulty products

Special protection is for the screw motor to protect the motor and the gearbox. The machine Software also ensures only correct operation of the screw.


Human machine interface

The design had the principle of ease of use in mind.

A Siemens operator panel (LCD) is used to set all machine parameters.
Push buttons and a selector are used to start and stop the machine for easy


The machine also stores product (mould) parameters (recipes) to
minimize setting time and to help in repeatability. The machine can store up
 to 100 recipes.

The software also has several levels of password to protect the machine settings from being accidentally altered.


  • Screw (SBI /Italy) also choice of (Taiwan/Egypt)
  • Motors (Siemens AC motors/Germany)
  • Heating (ZRE /Italy) also choice of (Taiwan /Egypt)
  • Gearbox (Zambello/Italy)
  • Pneumatic (Festo/Germany)
  • Hydraulic All hydraulic components
    (pump/valves/reducers/throttles...etc.) are (Yuken/Japan)
  • Switching All switching is from
    (Siemens/Germany-Omron/Japan-Carlo Gavazzi/Italy)
  • Inverter (Siemens/Germany)
  • PLC (Siemens/Germany)








Company Profile

The company was founded in 2002 with the purpose to design and produce high quality plastic blow molding machines.